The ePirate

The true ruffians of this world. They roam the forests at night in antagonizing outfits of greed, misfortune, and despair. Not very intelligent, but plenty strong, these terrifying creatures have one goal in mind: to steal anything. Followers of the night, they take anything that looks like it doesn’t belong to them; real kleptomaniacs.

Level Progression:

1) Sock Stealer
2) Tomato Robber
3) Poultry Pilferer
4) Puppy Theif
5) Bandwagon Bandit
6) Kleptoyegg?
7) Purse Plucker
8) Brigand Burglar?
9) Spirit Scout
10) Dark Dungeoneer


Primary Secondary Tertiary
Guile Pith Flair


Merlin: the Game Elflord