The Steampunkeror is an alchemist of sorts, always experimenting to find out how the world works. The line between magic and science is very blurred (as is common for steampunk), but he is the master of both. He is not very strong, as he spends no time training his body. This gives him a great dependance on his magic.

The Steampunkeror advances by creating new devices that grant him different powers. Because he relies so little on his body, the reduction of semistats do not affect him greatly. However, he sometimes becomes too short to operate machinery he has created.

Approximate Level Progression:

1) Parachute Conjurer
2) Cog Mage
3) Warp Witch/Warlock
4) Gravity Pirate
5) Voltage Evoker
6) Steam Theurge
7) Legendary Apothecary
8) Technodruide
9) Zepplin Mage
10) Royal Bombadier

Unholy Aviator
Steam Bowman

Primary: Secondary: Tertiary:
Flair Guile Pith


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